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Yoga Veda UK Classes & Consultations

Yoga Veda offers a range of opportunities to help you and your family to look after yourselves. We provide opportunities to attend weekly evening classes, book a private 1:1 yoga session or a yoga therapy session and we offer a range of traditional wellbeing treatments to fully spoil yourself.

Yoga for beginners

Starts Tuesday February 25th 2020

This 6 Week Beginners course will support and professionally guide you through a range of basic yoga postures and help you to personally align your body and breath when moving mindfully.

You will gain an insight into the many (some immediate) benefits that participating in a shared practice of yoga has on your health and well-being and gain an understanding on how it lowers stress levels. Come along and join our thriving Yoga Veda Community!

Level: All levels

Family Yoga

Starts September 8th 2019

Yoga Veda UK Family Yoga Session vision is to combine Connection, Play and Laughter to spread the joy that is yoga to all ages.
Family Yoga creates a wonderful place to spend healthy and happy, quality time together as a family. It’s just you and your children.

Booking is a must.

Level: All levels

1:1 Sessions

Date of class: TBC

Yoga Veda UK offers two options, Private Yoga Class & Yoga Therapy.
Whether you opt for a private 1:1 yoga session or a yoga therapy session the emphasis will be on you and your specific needs. Sessions will always include a focus on physical alignment, development of the effective use of pranayama and increasing mindfulness within practice.

Level: All levels

Ayurveda Personal Wellbeing Consultations

Date of class: TBC

If you are experiencing physical illness, emotional pain or chronic stress, or if you simply want to nurture your current state of health and balance, Yoga Veda UK is here to offer you professional, compassionate guidance on your healing journey.

Yoga Veda UK offers integrative health care, which means that we focus on the whole person, addressing your health concerns from a physical, emotional, and spiritual perspective.

Level: All levels

Yoga Veda UK Treatments

Date of class: TBC

All of the myriad of massages that are used within the Ayurvedic framework are important however there is a core collection of Ayurvedic treatments that are especially valued by Yoga Veda UK.

These treatments may be offered as part of a prescribed protocol or can be booked individually.

Level: All levels