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Relax & let go – Weekly YOGAVEDA UK classes

Relax & let go – Weekly YOGAVEDA UK classes

Yoga is for everyone – Whatever your experience you will be made most welcome.

Practicing yoga, pranayama and meditation reduces anxiety and stress levels – a well-known fact! Through transferring our focus and attention to our body and breath, we can successfully alleviate the side effects and symptoms of stress and anxiety. Yoga Veda UK sessions are designed to explore poses that help calm the mind, relax the body and release tension through utilising the breath effectively. We develop the quality of practice by flowing through specific asanas aimed at rejuvenating, releasing and relaxing; allowing yourself to be not only physically supported but to also to be able to fully let go………. ……. suitable for all levels.

Save money – block book for a full term in advance or just drop if it suits – £7 per class

Each term of classes has a specific Yoga Veda Theme. Enquire now to receive confirmation of block booking charges & term dates and to reserve your place.

Look forward to seeing you on the mat!

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