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Feeling the Loveda

I recently attended a ‘Living Well with Yoga and Ayurveda 3 day Retreat’ hosted by Julia which was most enjoyable. She welcomed me like a long lost friend (even though I had never met her before) and went ‘above and beyond’ to ensure I personally benefited from the whole experience. It was lovely to meet and bond with inspiring people attending the retreat, enjoy wholesome fresh food and feel at peace in the beautiful surrounding countryside. Many thanks for your advice and attentiveness to me during my 3 day retreat.

Sue Drawbridge

My  daughter, granddaughter and myself went to the Yoga Veda UK family yoga session and had a wonderful time. Very warm and interactive with the both the teacher and families. It was fun and easy to forget we were exercising.
The children were a delight. What a beautiful way for a family to unite in an inspiring activity. Looking forward to the next session.

Anne-Marie Austin

I have just returned from the Ayurvedic retreat that Julia was part of and have had the best experience of my life. Practising yoga and meditation with Julia each morning at 6.30am has proved to be a life changing experience. Julia’s passion, professionalism, all round knowledge and commitment to yoga has enabled me to both fall in love and understand the benefits of yoga, the breath and meditation so much more than I could have imagined.
I experienced some very special moments during my sessions with Julia and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be one of Julia’s students.

Debbie Smallbones – Holistic Therapist

From the minute that I entered one of Julia’s classes nearly 6 years ago, she became my yoga inspiration. Her style of teaching is so inclusive and nurturing that I always feel safe and relax. I learnt – and continue to learn – so much from her and have been so inspired that I even began my own journey to become a yoga teacher, which Julia supported every step of the way. Julia is a wealth of knowledge and information about all things yoga and she is so generous with that knowledge; every time I practice with her, I learn something new! In particular, her breadth of knowledge about Ayurveda is the most impressive and, having completed the Yoga Veda course with Julia, it is apparent that this is her true passion.

The most striking thing about Julia as a yoga teacher is definitely her authenticity. She embodies all the principles of yoga and truly does practice what she preaches! I am constantly in awe of her commitment to sharing the practice of yoga with such unwavering veal. I would recommend Julia to anyone who is looking for a yoga teacher who is knowledgeable, kind, accommodating and truly believes in the power of yoga to transform peoples’ lives

Rachel Gooch

After trying numerous yoga studios, I’ve never actually found a yoga teacher / studio that I really connect with – with a real passion for what she does and such knowledge & enthusiasm. I found myself enjoying yoga on a level I never expected to and moving into postures I’ve never done before with great ease. Totally gutted she’s not in London – by far the best yoga teacher I’ve had!

Sarada Nag – professional sportsperson