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About Yoga Veda UK

Yoga Veda UK registered as a Limited Company 2019. YVUK aim is to simply aid wellbeing. Not just for individuals but our beautiful planet too. 

To bring high quality wellbeing products to your doorstep we have selected a range of items from different companies. All the chosen companies we now work with have impressed us with the quality of the product and all follow sound ethical and moral practices and wherever humanly possible follow high levels of environmental and sustainable policies. All the partnerships we have formed unite our drive to make the world a better place. 

We spent a long-time sourcing Yoga and Ayurveda products that provide an ethical and moral purchasing experience as well as offering excellent quality. Here is why we love the products we sell

YVUK and  iLoveEcoEssentials

YVUK are a company who are committed to and care about selling products that do not harm the environment – whilst still providing the absolute best top-of-the-range luxury quality products.

Based on strong sustainable principles and criteria, the ILEE product you will purchase is gold standard, next-level quality.  Quite simply, its brand-new story on the market. 

Enjoy, a clean conscience never smelled so good! Looking proudly into the eyes of tomorrow product!

We discovered this ethical brand when on a trip in Iceland – Just loved the quality and all it stands for!

When we started to develop our partnership with iLoveEcoEssentials, our demands for quality, function and ingredients were huge – not to mention the fact that we wanted to sell a really cool unisex product!

The ingredients and formulas work synergistically to optimally meet your skin and hair´s needs, have an Ayurvedic approach while also giving you the luxurious sensation that only state-of-the-art products can achieve.

We chose to certify the range for your guarantee that both content and packaging are carefully selected, based on farming, processing, manufacturing, and working conditions that meet strict sustainable requirement in terms of health and environment.

So use and enjoy, we’ve got you covered!

All ILEE products are made without the use of GMO, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Nanoparticles, Colorants, Silicon, PEG, synthetic perfumes and dyes or animal-derived ingredients.

All the cosmetic products come in bottles made of recyclable collected waste plastic. The products themselves are made of 100% natural and organic ingredients, and of course free of any microplastic – making ILEE safe for ground water, marine life and future generations.

All products have their own unique scent, their own special purpose, and are designed to blend – you can mix & match as you please.

The single-use items are made from natural renewable sources, such as FSC certified bamboo, which grows up to 1 metre in just 24 hours. Pretty amazing, right?!

Lets do our part.  


  • Natural products provide long-term effectiveness on skin
  • Natural products allow your skin to ‘breathe’
  • The natural nutrients (e.g. Vitamin E, Vitamin C) that the products are composed of keeps skin healthy, while reducing your daily burden of chemicals
  • Natural products are free of any synthetic and/or toxic substances

YVUK & Myoga 

We first came across this company when on a trip to Birmingham  

Yoga equipment is such a helpful tool to enhance your practice making it comfortable and can aid progression. We were impressed that Myoga offers a full range of Children’s products along with a good quality simple range of affordable items. The manufacturing and distribution of products has an impact on the environment. Myoga acts to reduce this impact, by conducting their business in a responsible, considerate and thoughtful manner. We like to feel we are all trying to do our bit for the environment, by recycling as much waste as possible and minimising the use of resources across the board, efficiently.

YVUK & Pavilion 

From the very outset our partnering with Pavilion is based on an ethos to be Natural, Vegetarian, (Vegan where possible) compassionate, fair, holistic and committed to protection of the environment and people.

All the Ayurveda products are authentic and high-quality; we are delighted to be a distributer of these products. 

All the products including teas and the delicious turmeric lattes are high grade quality 100% certified organic, all the packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable. The premium grade tins are steel plated tin (not aluminium) We are constantly looking at ways to upgrade the packaging to Eco friendly.

YVUK & Eco Packaging

We love the fact that for every order place Eco packaging plant a tree! 

And they tick all these boxes!

100% Recycled Boxes  Recyclable  Bio-Degradable

Corrugated Paper Rolls ✓ Recyclable  Bio-Degradable

Self-Adhesive Kraft Tape ✓ Recyclable  Eco-Friendly