I love eco essentials

iLoveEcoEssentials (ILEE) helps you make a positive impact on your wellbeing, your skin and our home planet. By using ILEE you will emit 0% microplastic in your wastewater, helping to keep our seas healthy and fish happy!

The strong sustainable and ethical principles of ILEE products has led to the goods to be certified with ECOCERT

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Beam Balm – Mineral Sunscreen SPF15 100ml

This innovative mineral-based natural sunscreen ensures safe and effective broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection with an invisible, flawless finish.

Body Bubbles Body Wash 600ml – Ecocert Natural

Body Wash – fruity, delicious fragrance. Red fruits, quince and pomegranate energize, brighten and uplift sensations.

Cucumber Cloud Aromatic Mist 200 ML

Freshen your surroundings with a couple of bursts of Cucumber Cloud. Gently invigorating through a blend of fresh sea notes, cucumber, and herbal mint.

Fresh Mop Shampoo 600ml – Ecocert Natural

Shampoo – woody fragrance, which evokes early spring emotions. The hespéride top notes with spicy notes on the background make the fragrance naturally sparkling and refreshing.

Jazz It Up Essential Oil 150 ML

With touches of verbena, thyme and birch, this scent is stimulating and uplifting for body and mind.

Perfects Pits – Crystal Deodorant

Perfect Pits leaves a virtually invisible non-sticky, topical layer on the skin. Diminishes perspiration and neutralises malodor, leaving your skin free to detox naturally.

Silky Locks Conditioner 600ml – Cosmos Natural

Conditioner – fruity and juicy fragrance, which evokes positive emotions. Sweet orange, tangerine, red fruits bring really radiant feelings.

Squeaky Clean Hand Soap 250 ML

Hand Soap – delicate spices, with dominate cardamom note surrounded by lavender evokes relaxing feelings.