Consultations & treatments

Whether you are interested in enhancing your wellbeing, keen to maintain a healthy lifestyle or looking for ways to be full of vitality or overcome minor health complaints YVUK offer Ayurveda 1:1 Consultations, Yoga therapy and specialised treatments to help and support you.

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1:1 Sessions

Yoga Veda UK offers two options, Private Yoga Class & Yoga Therapy.
Whether you opt for a private 1:1 yoga session or a yoga therapy session the emphasis will be on you and your specific needs. Sessions will always include a focus on physical alignment, development of the effective use of pranayama and increasing mindfulness within practice.

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Ayurveda Personal Wellbeing Consultations

If you are experiencing physical illness, emotional pain or chronic stress, or if you simply want to nurture your current state of health and balance, Yoga Veda UK is here to offer you professional, compassionate guidance on your healing journey. Yoga Veda UK offers integrative health care, which means that we focus on the whole […]

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Yoga Veda UK Treatments

All of the myriad of massages that are used within the Ayurvedic framework are important however there is a core collection of Ayurvedic treatments that are especially valued by Yoga Veda UK.

These treatments may be offered as part of a prescribed protocol or can be booked individually.

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